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  Adult Tennis Programs

Tennis Apprentice Level I is a 4 week, FUN-filled program designed to get adult beginner and advanced a beginner participants playing actual "tennis".  Early emphasis is on the ability to rally and control the ball rather than stroke technique.  The program also incorporates the use of low compression balls and 60 foot courts in certain drills and games to speed the process along.  We will make you a tennis player in no time!!!

  • Monday 7-8PM............Dec. 4-Jan. 8*   $99
  • Tuesday 4-5PM............Dec. 5-Jan. 2*   $99
  • Wednesday 7-8PM.....Dec. 12-Jan. 10*    $99
  • Thursday 12:30-1:30.....Dec. 7-Jan. 4*   $99
  • Friday Noon-1:00.........Dec. 8-Jan. 5*    $99
  • Sunday 1-2PM............Dec. 10-Jan. 14*     $99

Tennis Apprentice Level II is a 4 week program designed especially for Advanced Beginner-Low Intermediate players that have progressed beyond the Beginner stage but aren't quite ready for full blown match play.  The program features an hour of instruction, drills & games followed by a half hour of supervised match play.

  • Monday 7-8:30PM....Dec. 12-Jan.  10*  $120
  • Thursday 11-12:30....Dec. 7-Jan. 4*   $120
  • Friday 10:30-Noon....Dec. 8-Jan. 5*   $120
  • Sunday 1:00-2:30......Dec. 10-Jan. 14*  $120

Live Ball Action Drill & Play is a fast-paced, FUN-filled 4 week program that combines the best parts of tennis with cardio exercise.  If you want to get healthy, have fun and improve your tennis game, Live Ball Action Drill & play is the program for you.  Live Ball Action Drill & Play incorporates high energy dills & games like Doubles King/Queen of Court, "31", Murder and 105 that will help you burn fat and build muscle while working on various tennis skills.  Come join the FUN!!!

  • Monday 8-930PM.....Dec. 4-Jan. 8   *$120

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